Big Tech’s Contribution in the Fight Against COVID-19

In this data visualization, we look at the financial contributions being made by Big Tech giants in response to the pandemic.
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Big Tech's Contributions in the Fight Against COVID-19

What is Big Tech Contributing to Help Fight COVID-19?

In the ongoing global crusade against COVID-19, everyone has a part to play. As the situation intensifies, the private sector has also been rallying to help governments and healthcare organizations cope with the situation, and U.S. tech companies are no exception.

With a combined market capitalization of over $4.7 trillion, the “FAAMG” Five—Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet (Google)—wield immense influence on the economy, as well as the potential to impact lives during this challenging time.

First published: April 13, 2020 (link)

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Data source: Facebook Blog, Google Blog, Apple Newsroom, Reuters, Amazon Blog, Microsoft News

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