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As low as $245 USD per credit

What’s Included With Each License?

Each license comes with downloadable package that includes:

  • The vector-based files (.ai, .eps) used in the visualization
  • The raw data used to create the visualization (.xls)
  • Raster-based linked elements and assets (.jpg)

Once purchased, you will be able to access these downloads from your account, and they never expire.

Our licenses are applicable to a wide variety of professional use cases, allowing you to leverage our world-class visualizations for whatever purpose you desire:

  • Online publishing (blogs, reports, whitepapers, etc.)
  • Social media
  • Print (books, newspapers)
  • Education (textbooks, online resources or courses)
  • Video production

No limitations on reproduction apply to digital use cases (online publishing, social media), while some may apply to print, education, and video use cases.

See terms and conditions for details.

Buying a license gives you legal permission to customize our visualization for your own use case.

That means they can be white labeled and recolored in your own brand, or you can edit the data or translate it into a different language.

White labeling Visual Capitalist content allows you to have custom branded world-class visuals at a fraction of the cost it would take to make them yourself.

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  • Monthly Plans:

  • Typical Use Case
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  • Cancel Subscription Anytime
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    per month

  • Regular use for one user
  • Credits never expire, and will accumulate in your account.4
  • 1
  • Enterprise

  • $2,900

    per month

  • Multiple users with no credit limitations
  • That's right. You never have to worry about reloading credits because you can use as many as you like.Unlimited
  • 5

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